I Just Launched “For You” Magazine

Over the years, I would post on my personal blogs mostly for the fun of it and to make a few dollars here and there on AdSense. I have hundreds of entries, and some of them do have some value. However, I found that my readers were left confused half the time.

Therefore, I gathered my best entries together from over the years and placed them here. For You Magazine is a place where you can overcome one challenge at a time one day at a time. It also includes entries from my personal diary.

Other Developments

Aside from “For You,” I also created a new portolio site. I included some of my best writing samples based on the kind of content I delivered to clients. By the way, I give Freelance Writer’s Den the credit for helping me un-clutter the mess that was my blog network! I still have quite a bit more to learn from that organization, but I’m on my way.

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