My Social Profiles

I like to socialize, hang out and network as much as the next person. Wherever you are on the web, I have a presence — at least for the major networks. I do have additional business accounts to add to this list, but this is a good start for now.

Me on Twitter

@julieAnneWrites (author account) @burnmycomputerj (formerly @jabsfreelance), and I also have other accounts to represent the various blogs I own. You can ask me about them.

Me on LinkedIn

Julie Anne

Me on Facebook (Fan Pages)

J.A.B.’s Freelance World (business) and Julie Anne Writes (Author) I also have a personal Facebook page, which has more followers, but it’s a bit more “unprofessional” than the others! Please look here last :). My personal page is one of my only online venting outlets, so I have to keep it that way.

Me on Pinterest


Me on Google +

Julie Anne,  (A personal page mixed with business); Also have other more professional pages that I will add to this later.

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